Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

The temperature is rising and schools out of session and all your child or children want to do is sit inside and play video games on your iPads. Make this summer time more exciting and fun with games, crafts and activities that can’t be done indoors. From messy projects to water games, here we have rounded up some activities that will have kids begging to head outside.

  • Water Limbo

This fun water game requires a hose with a nozzle that allows for a straight, steady stream of water to use as a limbo stick. Kids have to manoeuvre their bodies under the stream of water without getting wet. The lower the stream, the harder it is to stay dry. The stream will be lowered when every kid makes under the previous stream. Crawling is not allowed, they have to walk, arching the backs. When the ground becomes slippery, let kids hunch forward.

  • Hopscotch

Get out the coloured chalk and help your children draw a huge hopscotch path. The traditional hopscotch has squares, you can add extra fun by replacing those squares with shapes like cars, butterfly, fish, oval and other fun designs.

  • Do yard work together

Kids can help in making flower beds, ask them to wear gloves and assist them, then make them plant flowers or sow seeds. Your kids can also help pull out the weeds and sprinkle flowers with a tiny water can. Have a kid size rake and a lawn mower on hand so that it is easier for them to do and enjoy the work.

  • Take your kids to festivals

If any children’s festival is coming up in your community, you can book tickets and take your children there. There are lots of activities for children to do which will keep them busy all day. Children’s festivals are a way to foster learning, caring and sharing skills.

These are some of the fun activities for kids.

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