For children growing up in this era of Netflix, iPad and iPhone devices, creativity and imagination seem to have been lost somewhere. This is not to say that technology is not a remarkable tool for education and innovation, but the ease of these tools often sidelines the importance of screen free time.

As our communities become increasingly multicultural, children need breadth of cultural experience to participate and live harmoniously.  This is where Canmorechildrensfestival comes into play.

Canmorechildrensfestival is a blog spot inspiring and supporting parents, caregivers and educators in raising the next generation of global citizens-Children. We do this all by creating content which celebrates global cultures, languages, belief systems and promoting diversity in all its forms while recognising our common concerns and dreams for the children.

The festival grounds provide kids with an opportunity to experience puppetry, acrobatics, magic, science, drama, interactive art installation, music, dance, clowning and comedy from all over the world. Engaging children in these arts will help them cultivate physical dexterity, ability to negotiate group dynamics, develop their own creativity form and foster problem-solving skills.

Seasonal festivals and outdoor activities help children mark the passage of time and experience the rhythm of the year. Furthermore, festivals connect us with the community and bring deeper meaning to our lives.

Canmorechildrensfestival connects parents and caregivers to focus on the importance of the next generation with the intent of helping them develop a colourful mosaic of cultures in their area as well as around the globe. We publish articles that provide readers with information about the events and children festivals taking place in their community as well around the globe, tips on how to dress up your kids, places to stay, what essentials to carry and much more.

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